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Commuting By Bicycle

Commuter Bike

Bicycle Commuting Made Easy

Did you know that 50 million Americans commute less than 5 miles each day to work by car? If you are one of them, maybe it's time you joined in on the fun of bicycle commuting. Commuting by bicycle is more rewarding than you think. Here's how:

  • Gets your blood flowing - a great way to start and end the day.
  • Look great - tones muscles and sheds unwanted pounds in no time.
  • Save money on gasoline and car maintenance.
  • Help the environment by reducing auto emissions.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been commuting by bicycle for some time, Dynamic's innovative bicycles offer significant advantages over other bikes. With our shaft drive bikes and their fully enclosed drive system, you can ride in any clothes and in any weather, without getting greasy chain marks on your hands or clothes, and without the drudgery of chain cleaning and maintenance. Our chainless bikes provide a great gear range for a wide variety of terrain, and our bikes are made with high quality components designed to last a long time with minimal care. With just a few essential accessories, commuting to work on your Dynamic Bicycle may become your favorite part of your day.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Commuter Bike


"The salty roads in the winter is where the driveshaft bike really shines. As an old timer, 47, and daily commuter in any weather I am most impressed with the less maintenance of a driveshaft bike. In my daily ride, Somerville to Boston, I would have to do chain maintenance every few weeks due to light snow and tons of salt on the road. Not so with my driveshaft bike, YEAH! I am approaching a one year anniversary of commuting every day on a Switchback. The bike has been virtually flawless. I have loved my driveshaft bike and hope to buy another." Dwight L., Somerville, MA

Bike Commuter Buyer's Guide

We get many calls from people just like you making the choice to start commuting to work by bike. The first question they ask is: What is the right bike for me? Here's a guide to help you select the best bicycle for your commute.

First of all, any of our bikes can work as a commuter bike. Selecting the best bike for your ride depends on the distance of your commuter, the type of terrain you will be riding on, and your riding style. Here's a breakdown of our most popular commuting bicycles:

Crossroad 8

The Crossroad 8 uses the Shimano 8-speed gearing and 700x35C tires on a 7000 series aluminum frame with solid aluminum front fork to reduce the weight and give the bike a light, responsive feel. This 8-speed Crossroad adds an additional gear on the low end for steeper and/or longer hill climbs. The Crossroad 8 is best suited for commutes on moderate to steeper hilly rides where you have a predictably good smooth surface to ride on. Click HERE for more details.


Shimano Shaft Drive Bicycles


The Tempo uses the wide-ranging Shimano 8-speed gearing, a high travel front suspension fork with lock-out, a more aggressive riding position, and high pressure 700cx35mm tires for a quick ride. This bike is best suited for road riding where some bumpy terrain is expected - perhaps on roads with broken or rugged shoulders or a bike path with loose gravel. With the Tempo, you can climb hills more rapidly than a traditional bike with front suspension by simply hitting the lock-out switch on the front fork. This locks the front fork in place, allowing more of your energy to go into your pedaling. The Tempo also uses an Aluminum frame and all alloy components for light weight and high reliability in all kinds of weather. Click HERE for more details.


Shimano Shaft Drive Bicycles

Sidekick 8

The Sidekick 8 is the world's most versatile chainless folding bike. It features the Shimano 8-speed gearing, 20" x 1.75" tires, 7000 series aluminum frame with a cromoly front fork, and a super fast folding mechanism to make this bike as portable as it is attractive. The Sidekick 8 also uses a new specially designed shaft drive with higher gear ratios to add greater versatility, enabling it to achieve speeds comparable to full size bikes. The Sidekick 8 is best suited for commutes on urban and city streets, and is portable enough to take with you on many mass transit systems, including subways and commuter trains. Click HERE for more details.


Commuter Bike


The Runabout is a versatile hybrid bike, designed to help you get where you are going in comfort and style. The Runabout uses the Shimano 7-speed gearing, a front suspension fork, suspension seat, and an angle adjustable stem to give you a more upright and relaxed riding position. Great for shorter commutes or commutes along terrain without big hills, the Runabout can also work double duty as your bike for fun, recreational weekend rides. Click HERE for more details.


Shimano Shaft Drive Bicycles