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Everything You Want in a Folding Bike... And Less

The Sidekick 8 is everything you would expect from a great folding bike - it's compact, versatile and fun to ride. However, it is also a lot LESS. The Sidekick 8 uses our innovative shaft drive system and Shimano's internal gearing to eliminate all the external moving parts - external chainrings, cassettes, derailleurs and chain tensioners. This not only makes the bike cleaner and easier to handle, but it also virtually eliminates maintenance and repairs. Yet it still offers a very versatile gear range - almost the same as traditional folding bikes.

Featuring the Shimano 8-speed internal gear hubs and a simple to operate twist grip shifter, the Sidekick 8 is easier to shift, easier to handle, and easier to maintain than any other folding bike on the market today.

Take the Fun With You

The Sidekick 8 is the perfect companion bicycle to take with you on your boat, RV, plane or vacation by car. With its fully enclosed gearing and drivetrain and compact design, it is easy to load and store in tight spaces, and it keeps dirt, sand and salt away from moving parts so they are more resistant to rust. The Sidekick features these two key components:

  • The first is Shimano's Nexus 8-speed internal gear hub, whereby all the gearing is neatly tucked away inside the rear wheel. These advanced hubs offer a very versatile gear range in a compact space. This hub even simplifies shifting and enables you to shift gears at any time - while pedaling, coasting, or even at a complete stop.

  • The second is the Shaft Drive System - this fully enclosed drive system is similar to what is used on the BMW motorcylces - and provides smooth, reliable, efficient transfer of power from the pedals to the rear wheel.
  Bicycle Folding

Bicycle Folding Video - how to fold a Sidekick chainless bicycle

The Sidekick 8 not only has a sleek, modern look, but folds up to compact 14"W x 30"L x 22"H folded size without any tools in just 15 seconds.
Bicycle Folding

Just Your Speed

Dynamic's Sidekick 8 uses the Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal hub. These innovative hubs are like a transmission in your car - they compress all the gearing inside a compact sealed hub that offers smooth, responsive shifting and incredible durabilty and efficiency. But don't let the number of speeds mislead you. When configured on our folding bike with our new higher gear ratio shaft drive made specifically for this bike model, the Nexus 8-speed hubs have 90% of the gear range of a full 24-speed folding bike. Think about it, how many gears to you really use? Shimano's intelligent internal gear technology simply spreads out the gears for you, giving you tremendous gear range in fewer steps - eliminating all the overlapping and redundant gears of derailleur systems.

For the Sidekick 8, we also developed a special gear set that increases the gear ratio to compensate for the 20" wheel size. This means you get a very versatile and appropriate range of gearing to cover a wide range of terrain - similar to what you would expect on a full size bike. In fact, the Sidekick 8 is so versatile, it was recently named "The Official Bike of US Sailing".

With the Sidekick 8, you don't even pay a weight penalty for the advantages of the internal gearing and shaft drive system. Our Sidekick 8 weighs just 28 pounds, making it comparable to many other folding bikes on the market. Best of all, when you're done riding, simply fold it up and tuck it away until your next ride. With its compact 14"W x 30"L x 22"H folded size and enclosed gears and drivetrain, you can store it in tight spaces without having to worry about damaging or repairing sensitive external gear parts. Rest assured, when you are ready to ride, so will the Sidekick 8.

For complete details on the Sidekick 8, click HERE.
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