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Customer Reviews

Far Exceeded My Expectations

Don H., Fremont, CA
Chainless Hybrid Bicycle


"I purchased a Tempo 8 from you last August and now feel that it's about time for some feedback. Simply put, I love the bike! The quality far exceeded my expectations and the riding experience is so very much better than I anticipated that it's difficult to express how pleased I am with your product. I am one happy customer, and happy to sing the praises of your bike."

Loads of Fun

Victor R.

"I continue to have loads of fun riding my Switchback and Runabout bikes. I took the switchback on a single track ride with 7 other riders recently, and as the group ploughed through tumbleweeds, all derailleur bikes had to pull over to clear their chains, as I simply pedaled trough it. It was so funny. Anyhow, I wish you and your company continued success."


Cruiser Bicycles

Couldn't Be More Satisfied

David M., Austin, TX
Hybrid Bicycle to Farmers Market


"I just wanted to let you know that after riding my Crossroad 8 for a year and a half I couldn't be more satisfied! All the time everyone spent helping me to get the model that was right for me really paid off. I wanted a bike that was versatile; I ride mostly on roads but occasionally on Austin's bike paths, and the Crossroad has been terrific on both. I wanted a bike that was solid, well made and durable; the Crossroad has worked perfectly from day one, and other than a few squirts of grease every six months in the shaft drive has not needed any other maintenance. And I love the kevlar tires, I haven't had a single puncture. Riding the Crossroad is so much fun that I find myself riding more often - I get a great workout that doesn't feel a bit like work. It's been a good feeling to ride the same routes and over time realize that I'm able to use higher and higher gears because I'm getting into better shape. With a rack and panniers I can easily carry twenty pounds of veggies home from our local farmers market every week. It's always interesting when someone notices the shaft drive for the first time - it's a mystery to me why chainless bikes aren't more mainstream since the shaft drive works so well. For me the Crossroad 8 isn't just a great value - it's the best all around bike at any price. Keep up the good work!"

Just Completed 6,000 Miles

Leo M., Chief of Police, Moon Township, PA

"I just completed 6000 miles on my Crossroad 8 ending my second season of cycling. It is the most dependable trouble free bike that I have ever owned and at 55 I have owned many. I always keep my bikes for 10000 miles before getting the itch to buy another. I am happy to see the upgrade of your web site. I like the videos and I am interested in your new models. Everywhere I travel by bicycle I try to spread the word about your product. I even stop into bike shops. I have never seen another Dynamic bicycle anywhere. It is frustrating to know that I am riding the best, but few people know about the product. I hope that Dynamic is on a successful track. I intend to continue my loyalty." Leo M., Chief of Police, Moon Township, PA


Cruiser Bicycles

The Outback Performance is Awesome

Vince M. WNBF Pro Mr. Universe, Lehighton, PA
Cruiser Bicycles


"I wanted to thank everyone at Dynamic Bicycle for everything that was done for both my wife and I. We sincerely appreciated the quality of your products and staff. Everyone I spoke with in your company provided excellent customer service. Your staff is very courteous and knowledgeable. At the time I am writing this letter I have over 230 miles on my Outback and its performance is awesome. I am a fitness trainer and retired professional natural bodybuilder. It is a pleasure for me to recommend your bicycles to anyone looking for a quality performance ride or pleasure cruise. My wife and I own an Outback and a Switchback. Both are quiet, smooth, powerful, and enjoyable to ride. Keep up the good work. I will be watching for any future models added to your product line."

I Love My Bicycle!

Bunnie P., Palm Beach, FL

"I love my bicycle. It has been a long time since I enjoyed riding this much. It's so smooth and quite, I feel like I can ride forever. Thank you for great bicycle!"


Cruiser Bicycles

One Year Anniversary of Commuting Every Day on a Switchback

Dwight L., Somerville, MA


"The salty roads in the winter is where the driveshaft bike really shines. As an old timer, 47, and daily commuter in any weather I am most impressed with the less maintenance of a driveshaft bike. In my daily ride, Somerville to Boston, I would have to do chain maintenance every few weeks due to light snow and tons of salt on the road. Not so with my driveshaft bike, YEAH! I am approaching a one year anniversary of commuting every day on a Switchback. The bike has been virtually flawless. I have loved my driveshaft bike and hope to buy another."

The Best Bike Ever

Janke M. Botma, Lebanon, NH

"I want to let you know how pleased I am with my Dynamic Bicycle. It is a wonderful experience to be able to ride a bicycle all year round. Winter riding was difficult when I rode the usual chain bike. I had to make constant repairs and constant cleaning was necessary. I had to have several bikes as back up as well. Last year I ended up riding a bike that would not shift and it was stuck in a gear that was not very satisfactory for riding up hills.

Lebanon, New Hampshire, is not without difficulties for winter cycling; however the Dynamic Bicycle with the protected drive shaft is a real pleasure. It is easier to clean and maintain and best of all I can shift it into a gear that I can manage up hills, in sleet and snow, and ice. The tires you ordered for me give me the best traction of any tire I have ever had.

The next door neighbor wanted to know how I was going to ride my bike if winter ever came and I assured him I probably had a safer ride than any car. You would have been amazed to see me these past couple of days with the twenty-below-zero temperatures. This is the first time I ever saw the bike get covered with a layer of frost as I was riding.yes; I too was covered with ice on my facemask and any hair that was exposed. Yet in spite of this extreme temperature, the gears shifted faithfully.

The Dynamic bike has allowed me to turn in my gym membership since it gives me the best workout ever. It is my "Total Gym." There is also nothing like the daily commute to work and home to clear your head and problem solve. Finally, the bike pays me money because I have opted not to drive a car and that means I have no car payments, no gas payments, no car insurance payment and lower health costs. The cost of maintaining my Dynamic bike, even through the winter, has been minimal.only a few brake-pads and a bit of lubrication for the gears. Imagine how much people would improve their health and cut down on fuel consumption if they all joined me in the determination to ride every day, all year round. It is my hope that one day in the future there will be more bikes out there on the roads and eventually bike-conscious communities that will build towns and cities with bike routes and trails. Thank you for all your assistance in setting me up with the best bike ever."


Cruiser Bicycles

Cruiser Bicycles

Exceeded My Expectations

Henry, Baghdad, Iraq

Cruiser Bicycles


"I'm writing to tell you about my satisfaction with your unique bicycles. I am currently living in Baghdad, Iraq and wanted to purchase a bicycle that can handle this kind of environment. I ordered the Outback and must say it exceeded my expectations. The environment here is very hot with sand storms blowing dust in from everywhere. I received the bike in August 2006 and have been riding as much as possible. I have found the chainless design to be extremely reliable. I have shown this bicycle to as many people as possible. They are all amazed that a bicycle can work without a chain. Even the local Iraqis can't believe it. What you have is a great product and you should definitely consider selling international."

It's a great bike!

Becky F., Fenton, MI

"I really enjoyed riding my Runabout all summer long. It's a great bike! I can't wait for spring. Thanks again."


Cruiser Bicycles

Big Smile

David F., Continental Divide

Recreational Hybrid Bike


"Here's a photo of me on my 325 mile tour from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC along the Allegheny Highlands Trail and the C & O Canal."

My wife LOVES Her New Bike.

Ted & Kate

"My wife LOVES her new bike. She putts down to the Post Office nearly every morning for the mail and comes up with a new destinations almost every weekend for us to explore on our bikes........ I have to admit I am beginning to enjoy this activity myself! People comment on our bikes everywhere we go. Most can't really determine what it is that is different till we point out the shaft. As BMW motorcycle rider, I really enjoy bringing up this fact to riders we meet on the road. They Get It! We are planning on going to New Mexico to the Balloon Festival in October. Of course, we will be bringing our bikes along and will be sure to send you a couple pix along the way. Thanx for a great product and a great opportunity!"


Recreational Hybrid Bike

Absolutely Love It!

Phil W, Utah

Recreational Hybrid Bike


"I've had my Switchback Dynamic bike for a couple months now, and I absolutely love it! I have not seen anyone in Utah with a chainless bike yet, so i tell everyone about it, even when I don't know them. I really like not having to think so much about shifting, and focusing more on the enjoyment of the ride. I've attached a few pictures I took on a trail to Pine Lake in Northern Utah a couple weeks ago."

An Incredible Deal

Stefan S, Olympia, WA

"I recently toured 900 miles from Olympia, WA down to San Francisco, CA, partly to visit my new niece Iris and see family, and partly because I've always wanted to do a long tour. I did it entirely on my new Dynamic Bicycles Sprint road bike, loaded down with two panniers, a tent, and a backpack. As far as the bike itself, it held up pretty well. I sure got a lot of attention from other bikers, none of whom had ever seen a chainless bicycle in person. I wished for more gears sometimes, but I did make it up every hill. I had never changed a rear flat, and despite being warned that it was a little harder on your bikes, it was really easy. In fact, so far the bike is an incredible deal. Whenever people would guess the price, they guessed way more than I paid. A decent road bike for less than 1,000 is pretty rare; I got a decent *touring* road bike for ~$734. Everyone seemed to think it was a great bike for the money."


Recreational Hybrid Bike

Really Enjoying Our Chainless Bicycles

Ken T, Florida

Recreational Hybrid Bike


"We are really using and enjoying our chainless bicycles. They get a good workout especially in Florida in the winter. We get a lot of curious looks from other bicyclists when they notice no chain. Thank you."

Keep Up The Good Work

Andrew B.

"Hi Guys. Here are pictures from a recent beautiful autumn ride I took with my daughter. Keep up the good work."


Recreational Hybrid Bike

Thank You for Your Great Bike

John S., North Carolina

Recreational Hybrid Bike


"Just wanted to let you know that the Sprint bicycle I purchased from you is more than what I expected. Since purchased, I have put about 2800 miles on it riding anywhere from 9 to 30 miles per day when weather permits. The drive system, shaft drive and Nexus gearing, has been completely trouble free. I put a set of aero bars (no modifications required) so that I could lean further down and take the load of a ruptured disc. The bike is very comfortable, smooth and easy to ride. I feel that the bike has great balance and is a wonderful product. I rode the 40+ miles of the St. Petersburg, Fl area Rails to Trails and had a wonderful ride, but the best ride was riding the 28 mile Colonial Parkway from Jamestown, Va to Yorktown, Va.. Incredible scenery. Again, thank you for your great bike."

You're The Nicest People to Work With

Jack S.

"Hello guys. Just want you to know that I just love my Dynamic Ricochet Bike. I ride eight miles five times a week. I like the smoothness and no chain to get gummed up. It's ideal where I ride along the Potomac River on the C&O Canal tow path. I added fenders and the spring seat post, with out a doubt the best Bike I ever owned. And beside that you're the nicest people to deal with and ready to help. Yours truly."


Cruiser Bikes

We Love our Dynamic Bikes!

Dan & Julie C., Holden, MA

Cruiser Bikes


"We love our Dynamic Bikes! Attached are pictures along the Ashuwilticook Rail Trail in Adams, Massachusetts."

Most Dependable Bike I Have Ever Owned

Leo M., Chief of Police, Moon Township, PA

"Hello Dynamic. I just completed my first 1000 miles on my new Crossroad 8. My last ride was 103 miles over very hilly terrain. I wanted to pull a century before writing you this letter. I worried about buying a Dynamic bike because I was not sure that it would meet my long distance needs. It is very hilly around Western PA, Ohio and West Virginia and I needed a wide range of gears. Dynamic staff helped me do a comparison analysis between the Crossroad 8 and my 27 speed touring bike. Only recently the weather has been good enough for extended rides. The Dynamic bike is quiet, smooth and equals the full range of gears that my old bike had. In fact, at 53, I appreciate the lowest gear for very steep hill climbing. I only ride on the open road. The gears and drive shaft make this bike the most dependable that I have ever owned. They are very low maintenance and the bike is always much cleaner than a chain bike. It is also a great looking bike, the paint job, depending on the sun makes it look like three different colors. Sometimes I ride my bike to and from work. I don't worry about my uniform pants being caught in the chain. The bike is very safe. I am excited to ride this bicycle; I am confident in the quality and would match it against any other in its class. I am good to go, thanks Dynamic." Leo M., Chief of Police, Moon Township, PA


Cruiser Bicycles

I Couldn't Have Asked for Better Service

David M., Austin, TX

Hybrid Bicycle


"I just wanted to thank you, and the rest of the staff at Dynamic, for all your help. From all the time you spent helping me to determine which model was best for me, to answering a number of questions and assisting with several little tweaks after I got the bike, I couldn't have asked for better service. Everyone at Dynamic has been very responsive and helpful, and as a novice cyclist I never once felt talked down to. The Crossroad 8 is definitely the right bike for me - I love it! I'm glad I went with an 8 speed model, it will still take me a while to build up to climbing all the hills in my area. But the more I ride, the more I like the bike. I'm really looking forward to working up to longer rides as I get back into biking after a 30 year hiatus (and as the hundred degree days of Texas summer begin to subside). I look forward to years of great cycling on my Crossroad, and am already getting lots of second looks and questions about the shaft drive - there are a lot of cyclists in Austin, maybe soon to be some more chainless ones! Thanks again for not only a terrific bike, but the best service before, during, and after the sale of any company I have ever dealt with." David M., Austin, TX

Here's Our Family - 100% Chainless

Juan-Jorge Hermosillo, Guadalajara, Mexico

"Attached you will find a photo of (a part) of our family, 100% chainless. From left to right: Pedro, Juan-Jorge, Pablo and Antonio Hermosillo, proud owners of Dynamic bicycles. At right you will see our father's 1965 BMW motorcycle which we consider as the origin of our "chainless passion". You will notice that even the kids, Luis and Jorge, ride chainless bicycles (although also pedal-less ;-) ). This photo was taken here in Guadalajara, Mexico, where all we live, on Dec 21st. Thank you for this good work."


Cruiser Bicycles

Talk about low maintenance!

Peter K.

I bought a Crossroads 7 two and a half years ago. I commute ten miles each way and run errands and day trips during all four seasons. I have put nearly 10,000 miles on this bike in hot, cold, rain, slush, snow, and dirt. Talk about low maintenance! I have toured the world and raced on chained bikes, but I would never commute again without your chainless technology. The drivetrain is clean enough for dress clothes and very reliable in all weather conditions. Shifting can occur at any speed. Drivetrain maintenance is a few squirts of grease every few months rather than dirty chain oiling, cleaning, or replacing every few weeks. Although I was hesitant to purchase innovative bike technology over the internet, Dynamic has generously provided me with the phone, email, and video support necessary to keep my bike running. Thanks for a great product and outstanding support!

The Bike is Amazing

Rain I.

"The bike is amazing, and I love it. It is the best bike I have ever owned, and as I took it into the bike store to get gear for it, people took pictures of it, the staff gawked, and I dropped your web address about twelve times. Thanks!"

Improved My Quality of Life Immensely

Jade S., Philadelphia, PA

"I really want to thank you for your assistance a few months ago in purchasing the right bike. It has improved my quality of life immensely. The Crossroads 8 has made it so much faster and easier to get around Philadelphia not only because it is lightweight and easy to shift, but also because it is so maneuverable (and I don't have to worry about getting anything caught on a chain). I love it, and I hope I see more of these bikes on the road in the near future."

Consistently Smooth, Dependable Ride

Christopher B.

"I commute to work via bike every day along a sandy road and had a lot of buildup in my chain driven bikes (especially after having to commute in the rain). My new sprint bike works exactly as advertised - a consistently smooth, dependable ride. Great work!"

We Would NEVER Go Back to Chain Drives Again

Cecil L., Grapevine, TX

"First I want to say we LOVE our Dynamic shaft bicycles and would NEVER go back to chain drives again. A couple of years ago I purchased a Runabout and a Runabout Easy-Step for myself and my wife and they now have 1000 miles on them. My step-son purchased a bike from you about 3 months ago after we told him about your bikes. Thank you."

Smoother Than Other Bikes I've Ridden

Fred S., Phoenix, AZ

"I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my Dynamic Bicycle. I have had the Runabout model for over a year. I've found the ride smoother than other bikes I've ridden. And the response in turning is impressive. I'd like to reassure anyone who might be considering a new bike that Dynamic should be at the top of a list of bikes to consider. The quality of the frame and steering hardware is much better than I had expected. Not likely to ever wear out, no matter how many miles ridden."

I Didn't Think I'd be Riding as Much as I Am

Mike H.

"I bought a Runabout in April and since then have ridden 1,000 miles. It is a testament to the 'funness' of the bike that I've ridden so much. I didn't think I'd be riding as much as I am."

The Nicest Bike Available on the Market Today

Terry D., Canton, OH

"I am so glad that I chose the Runabout model. The bike is truly one of if not the nicest bikes available to ride (and look at) on the market today! I received the bike over the weekend. It was easy to put together. I loaded it in the Jeep this morning for 'show and tell' at work. My buddies at work really liked the way the shaft-drive looks and performs! Thanks again for a great product!"

WOW! What a Great Bike!

Ron P., Norwich, CT

"I bought the 2005 Switchback Mountain Bike and what can I say except WOW! What a great bike! From roads to hills this bike handles each terrain type with the kind of sure footing that one would expect from high end bikes that cost thousands of dollars. Being inthe military, this bike helps me stay in shape because of how much fun it is to pack her up and head for the hills! I ride about 10-20 miles every other day on mostly rugged terrain and flats and yet thisbike still stays tough in the face of all that use. I truly recommend this bike for users of all levels. One of the best buys I've made in a long time."

Performed Perfectly and Easily

Bob T., Tulsa, OK

"I rode the bike 35 miles yesterday and loved it. The big tires, the front fork shock absorber, the gel seat and the longer wheelbase gave a softer ride than I am accustomed to and it was quite nice. The gearworks performed perfectly and easily. It was fun to see the expression on people's faces when they noticed the bike has no chain. I got lots of questions... no one had ever seen a shaft drive bicycle and they wanted to know all about it. You may be getting calls from Tulsa..."

Impressed With The Shifting

Paul B.

"I am impressed with the shifting. Not waiting for the chain to climb to a bigger sprocket allows you to drop a gear on grades you wouldn't even try on other mountain bikes. Good job."

Most Dependable Bicycle I Have Ever Owned

Leon M.

"Changing a rear flat is no problem for me. I am like a pit crew. I just followed your video instructions and it is no big deal. In my opinion, it is easier than my old chain bikes of which I owned many. No greasy hands, no problem putting a chain back on, no alignment problem, no derailer problem. I carry extra tubes and tools with me at all times. In a couple of weeks I will have completed 1000 miles and I intend to pull a century from the Pittsburgh Airport into Salem, Ohio. Then I will write a letter and send some photographs with my complete analysis on the bike. I intend to put about 3000 miles on it this summer. So far, this is the most dependable bicycle I have ever owned."

Amazing Product and Terrific Customer Service

Rain I., Toronto, Ontario

"I just got off the phone with Debbie and Tom and I just want to say how helpful, friendly and cool they were. I am so happy with my bike, I think I will just squeal with excitement. I had a problem getting my left pedal into the crank arm, and before I could elaborate, I was told I was going to receive a new crank arm and pedal in the mail in three days. Not only that, they answered all my questions with genuine interest and made the whole experience wonderful. I was determined to fiddle, and managed to get the pedal in, so I called back to cancel the shipment of the pedal, and was told that if I should find it loose later on, they would send me a replacement. My gosh. You people rock and are number one in my books. I will heartily recommend your bikes to everyone I can. Send me business cards to pass out. Flyers, anything. Print this email in a customer testimonial section. Above all, thank you for an amazing product and terrific customer service experience."

The Ride is Fantastic! Performing Flawlessly

Rick R.

"The ride is fantastic! Shifting is so smooth and the power band so much wider that it is - amazing. How smooth is it? It was so smooth that at first I was not sure it was working! The Chain guys were saying 'oh...the extra weight of shaft will make it harder to pedal; torque is less with a shaft; transfer of power with chain is better.' Baloney! This is the smoothest shifting and easiest pedaling bike I have ever been on! The suggestion of putting the RUNABOUT seat in place of the original seat (gives added suspension, smoother ride) was a good one as the roads here are indeed rugged... We have two types of roads here - bad and worse! :) Currently, the bike is being used to commute every day (~12 miles) over some 'pot holes from Hell' and is performing flawlessly. It is a dependable mode of transport that requires very, very little maintenance. It is what a bike should be - simple and dependable. I gave up riding a chain bike because I was tired of pushing the bike home with greasy hands after constantly having some sort of chain/gear problem(s)."

Best Bicycles We Have Ever Owned

Bob & Patty, NJ

"My wife and I purchased our Ricochet model bicycles about 5 months ago and they are the best bicycles we have ever owned. We ride them 12 miles per day 3 days per week. They are well built and smooth riding. Chainless is great - no messing with chains coming off and greasy hands. Customer service is the best, representatives are very helpful and friendly. Thank you."

Completely Hooked On My Shaft Drive Bike

John S.

"Just to let you know that I am very happy with my Outback. When I bought it last February, my first ride was during a blizzard and just days after my second son was born. Since then, it has taken quite a beating while I try to keep up with his 9-year old brother. Soon I will be hauling a trailer so the baby can join the fun. I am completely hooked on a shaft drive bike - I constantly recommend it to everyone - I can't imagine riding anything else."

Everything I Had Hoped it Would Be

Jay F.

"My wife's new easy step arrived yesterday. The quality is excellent. The welds on the frame are superb. Everything is just as I had hoped it would be. When my wife got home from work, I presented the bike to her (she had no idea she was getting it) and pointed out the lack of derailler and chain. She immediately hopped on (in her business clothes) and took off down the street. After a brief ride she returned and said that the Runabout was the smoothest and most comfortable bike she'd ever ridden. Thank you."

Outback Performed Very Well

Tom G., San Diego, CA

"My new Outback performed very well at the Midnight Madness event in San Diego. There were 1500 bicyclists running a 20 mile tour around San Diego. During the pre tour warm-up, the MC commented on the loud speaker that there was every kind of bike at the event...from BMX's and electrically assisted recumbents to the highest tech, carbon/fiber road bikes. It was just then, when I ran up to the stage and said that *I* had the latest high tech bike. He made a correction on the PA and said, the latest high tech bike was a chainless bike...as I held my Outback up with one hand !!!!! I also had fun at the REI tune up booth, when I asked a tech with 30 years of experience to check my bike for a "missing chain". A lot of people did a double take on my bike and could swear it had a chain "somewhere". For most of the folks, I was the first owner of a chainless bike they had ever met. I proudly answered all their questions! Cheers."

Independent Reviews

GADGET REVIEW, February 27, 2012

Dynamic Bicycles Tempo Cross 8 Review
Posted by Shawn Kline

In the world of bicycles, innovations are generally small things – changes in the aerodynamics and the like – so when something as interesting as a “chainless” bicycle comes my way, I’m more than happy to get on board. While there have been different chainless bikes throughout the ages (heck, the first bicycle the “penny-farthing” actually had no chain), Dynamic Bicycles has put together a bicycle that works tremendously. From the elegantly refined color scheme, to the quiet gear box, the Tempo Cross 8 was literally everything I could have asked for in a bicycle.

Read the complete article HERE.

BOSTON GLOBE, April 12, 2011

He's Peddling a Chainless Bike
Posted by Cindy Atoji Keene

Patrick Perugini knew that he couldn’t reinvent the wheel, as the saying goes, but he is hopeful that he can make bike chains obsolete. The chainless bicycle is nothing new – drive shafts for bikes were introduced about a century ago – but Perugini is peddling a more advanced technology that uses a modern sealed drive shaft instead of a sprocket and chain.

Perugini, founder of Dynamic Bicycles, based in Bristol, R.I., got the inspiration to try chainless bikes while hang gliding in Colorado almost 10 years ago. While being buffeted about in the air, dependent on the winds, he started wondering if alternative propulsion systems existed. But while researching a pedal-drive propeller, his attention was diverted to shaft drive gear systems for bikes. With an enclosed aluminum box containing gears that the pedals spin to rotate a shaft, a bike would have no messy chain or derailleur. “This makes the bike easier to operate, maintain and ride, without any greasy external parts and there’s no need for constant tune ups and adjustments,” said Perugini, who was so inspired by the idea of chainless bikes that he left the high tech industry to launch his own bike company.

Read the complete article HERE.

BRISTOL PATCH, July 13, 2011

Dynamic Newcomer Changing The Two-Wheel Ride
Posted by Christy Nadalin

No matter how old you are, chances are good that the bike you are riding today looks a lot like the bike you had when you were a kid. You may have traded in your banana seat and sissy bars for knobby tires and a few more gears, but the basic mechanics are the same. The pedals move the crank, which rotates a chain ring, which moves a chain along the teeth of the sprockets, which turns the wheels. When you want to switch gears, a mechanism called a derailleur pushes the chain from one gear to the next. The chain is dirty and oily, and if you maintain your bike properly it needs to be cleaned and inspected regularly. Sometimes it pops off the sprockets, usually at the most inconvenient moment. And if you don’t watch what you wear, your shoelaces or worse, your cuffs, can get caught. If you are in the market for a new bike, there is, at long last, a new and improved product on the market.

Read the complete article HERE.

New Chainless Bicycle Hits the Road

Los Angeles Sports and Fitness Magazine

"...a shockingly smooth ride with effortless shifting. (You can even shift at a standstill.) It may seem like a beginner's bike because you can get on and control the bike easily without any know-how about shifting, but it's actually great for any rider who doesn't want to fuss with messy chains or worry about breaking a derailleur."

Review of Dynamic Crossroad Shaft Drive Bicycle

Jack Sweeney, www.BikeCommuters.com

The good folks at Dynamic Bicycles offered their "Crossroad" commuter bike to us for testing. In many respects, it is like so many other commuter-oriented bicycles on the market - TIG-welded aluminum frame, mounting points for fenders and rear rack, upright riding position. Where this bike differs, however, is how power gets from the pedals to the rear hub. This bike uses a very clever and deceptively simple shaft drive. Yeah, that's right - no greasy chain, no chainrings to chew up your pants. Overall, I think Dynamic has a winner with their Crossroad. It appears (and rides) in every way like the around-town errand, commuting and recreation bike it was meant to be, and you just can't beat its low-maintenance features. No more greasy chain tattoos, tattered pants cuffs or dirty hands from a mid-ride tire change! Read Full Review (PDF).

Review of the Dynamic Tempo Shaft Drive Bicycle

Mark Riley

After surviving a heart attack last year I treated myself to a new bicycle. Since I already had a mountain bike, a old steel road bike, a 3-speed Raleigh Tourist, and a number of junkers, I wanted something unusual and-more important-something I could ride around town and use for commuting to work. I bought the Tempo model without a suspension fork, and it has more than met my expectations. The company sells several styles: mountain, road, folding, all with shaft drive, most with suspension forks. All are sold on line. Read More...

Review of Dynamic Chainless Bicycle at 1200 Miles

Tim, Austin, TX

Last summer, I had to retire my old faithful commuter with something like 12k miles because it need about $400 worth of new drive train, wheel, hub, etc. Having paid about $400 for it 12 years ago, it was time to check out the market and replace it with a new bike. I looked around at several options, and I ended up choosing the Dynamic Crosstown 7 over the Bianchi Milano, Bianchi Bergamo and the Breezer Uptown. Read More...

Review of an 2005 Dynamic Outback Chainless Bicycle

Mike, CA, 2 Sept.08

After over 1500 miles commuting on an ’05 Dynamic Outback I deem it a quality bicycle. I had some initial problems that were mostly user caused and resolved satisfactorily. Concerns about weight and drivetrain inefficiency appear to be non-issues. The model has been upgraded by Dynamic since ’05. I would buy another Dynamic bicycle. Read More...