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GADGET REVIEW, February 27, 2012

Dynamic Bicycles Tempo Cross 8 Review
Posted by Shawn Kline

In the world of bicycles, innovations are generally small things – changes in the aerodynamics and the like – so when something as interesting as a “chainless” bicycle comes my way, I’m more than happy to get on board. While there have been different chainless bikes throughout the ages (heck, the first bicycle the “penny-farthing” actually had no chain), Dynamic Bicycles has put together a bicycle that works tremendously. From the elegantly refined color scheme, to the quiet gear box, the Tempo Cross 8 was literally everything I could have asked for in a bicycle.

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BOSTON GLOBE, April 12, 2011

He's Peddling a Chainless Bike
Posted by Cindy Atoji Keene

Patrick Perugini knew that he couldn’t reinvent the wheel, as the saying goes, but he is hopeful that he can make bike chains obsolete. The chainless bicycle is nothing new – drive shafts for bikes were introduced about a century ago – but Perugini is peddling a more advanced technology that uses a modern sealed drive shaft instead of a sprocket and chain.

Perugini, founder of Dynamic Bicycles, based in Bristol, R.I., got the inspiration to try chainless bikes while hang gliding in Colorado almost 10 years ago. While being buffeted about in the air, dependent on the winds, he started wondering if alternative propulsion systems existed. But while researching a pedal-drive propeller, his attention was diverted to shaft drive gear systems for bikes. With an enclosed aluminum box containing gears that the pedals spin to rotate a shaft, a bike would have no messy chain or derailleur. “This makes the bike easier to operate, maintain and ride, without any greasy external parts and there’s no need for constant tune ups and adjustments,” said Perugini, who was so inspired by the idea of chainless bikes that he left the high tech industry to launch his own bike company.

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BRISTOL PATCH, July 13, 2011

Dynamic Newcomer Changing The Two-Wheel Ride
Posted by Christy Nadalin

No matter how old you are, chances are good that the bike you are riding today looks a lot like the bike you had when you were a kid. You may have traded in your banana seat and sissy bars for knobby tires and a few more gears, but the basic mechanics are the same. The pedals move the crank, which rotates a chain ring, which moves a chain along the teeth of the sprockets, which turns the wheels. When you want to switch gears, a mechanism called a derailleur pushes the chain from one gear to the next. The chain is dirty and oily, and if you maintain your bike properly it needs to be cleaned and inspected regularly. Sometimes it pops off the sprockets, usually at the most inconvenient moment. And if you don’t watch what you wear, your shoelaces or worse, your cuffs, can get caught. If you are in the market for a new bike, there is, at long last, a new and improved product on the market.

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New Chainless Bicycle Hits the Road
Los Angeles Sports and Fitness Magazine

"...a shockingly smooth ride with effortless shifting. (You can even shift at a standstill.) It may seem like a beginner's bike because you can get on and control the bike easily without any know-how about shifting, but it's actually great for any rider who doesn't want to fuss with messy chains or worry about breaking a derailleur."

Review of Dynamic Crossroad Shaft Drive Bicycle

Jack Sweeney, www.BikeCommuters.com

The good folks at Dynamic Bicycles offered their "Crossroad" commuter bike to us for testing. In many respects, it is like so many other commuter-oriented bicycles on the market - TIG-welded aluminum frame, mounting points for fenders and rear rack, upright riding position. Where this bike differs, however, is how power gets from the pedals to the rear hub. This bike uses a very clever and deceptively simple shaft drive. Yeah, that's right - no greasy chain, no chainrings to chew up your pants. Overall, I think Dynamic has a winner with their Crossroad. It appears (and rides) in every way like the around-town errand, commuting and recreation bike it was meant to be, and you just can't beat its low-maintenance features. No more greasy chain tattoos, tattered pants cuffs or dirty hands from a mid-ride tire change! Read Full Review (PDF).

Review of the Dynamic Tempo Shaft Drive Bicycle
Mark Riley

After surviving a heart attack last year I treated myself to a new bicycle. Since I already had a mountain bike, a old steel road bike, a 3-speed Raleigh Tourist, and a number of junkers, I wanted something unusual and-more important-something I could ride around town and use for commuting to work. I bought the Tempo model without a suspension fork, and it has more than met my expectations. The company sells several styles: mountain, road, folding, all with shaft drive, most with suspension forks. All are sold on line. Read More...

Review of Dynamic Chainless Bicycle at 1200 Miles
Tim, Austin, TX

Last summer, I had to retire my old faithful commuter with something like 12k miles because it need about $400 worth of new drive train, wheel, hub, etc. Having paid about $400 for it 12 years ago, it was time to check out the market and replace it with a new bike. I looked around at several options, and I ended up choosing the Dynamic Crosstown 7 over the Bianchi Milano, Bianchi Bergamo and the Breezer Uptown. Read More...

Review of an 2005 Dynamic Outback Chainless Bicycle

Mike, CA, 2 Sept.08

After over 1500 miles commuting on an ’05 Dynamic Outback I deem it a quality bicycle. I had some initial problems that were mostly user caused and resolved satisfactorily. Concerns about weight and drivetrain inefficiency appear to be non-issues. The model has been upgraded by Dynamic since ’05. I would buy another Dynamic bicycle. Read More...