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Chainless Bicycles are Simpler to Operate and Maintain

Our chainless bicycles use a patented shaft drive system for smoothly and efficiently transferring power from the pedals to the rear wheel. Shaft Drives use precision cut gears, sealed cartridge bearings and a shaft rod - all assembled inside a fully enclosed aluminum housing. This fully enclosed design runs quieter, shifts smoother, and lasts longer than bikes with chains. With our shaft drive bikes, there is no more grease on your hands or your clothes; and no more chain and derailleur maintenance. Our chainless bicycles are also easier to operate. We combine the shaft drive with the Shimano internal gear hubs for smoother, faster gear changes that you can do at any time - while pedaling, coasting, or even at a complete stop.
Did you know that 90% of a bike's ongoing repair and maintenance cost are related to the chain and derailleurs? This is because all the moving parts are fully exposed and susceptible to contamination and damage. Our bike design uses a fully enclosed shaft drive and internal hub to protect all the important moving parts. So whether you ride for fun or daily transportation, shaft drive bikes will be more fun, and less work.

How Do Chainless Bicycles Work?

Dynamic Bicycles uses the Sussex Shaft Drive System (SDS), the lightest and most efficient bicycle shaft drive system in the world. The Sussex SDS uses two sets of spiral bevel gears made of heat treated cromoly and paired with high quality sealed cartridge bearings – all sealed inside lightweight, durable aluminum alloy casings. Similar to the shaft drive system used on BMW motorcycles, the shaft drive system is highly reliable, smooth and very consistently efficient. This shaft drive, now in its 4th generation, has been in production since 1991, and is already on tens of thousands of bikes all over the world.

How Do You Change Gears?

chainless bicycle on TVOur chainless bicycles use the Shimano 8-speed internal gear hubs. So you get a surprisingly wide range of gearing, while eliminating the number one complaint people have always had about their bikes – the chains and derailleurs. In fact, the Shimano 8-speed hub has 80%-90% of the gear range of a traditional 21-speed or 24-speed chain bike. View a detailed Gear Ratio Chart.

Internal gear Hub shiftersThe Shimano hubs are controlled using a single shifter to cover a wide range of gearing with fewer gear changes. For instance, each gear change on our bike is like changing 2-3 gears on a chain bike - so you can transition quickly from hill climbing to cruising faster and easier. With our bikes, you can also change gears at any time - while pedaling, coasting, backpedaling or even at a complete stop. Our 8-speed bike models use either Shimano’s Rapid Fire shifter or Twist Grip shifter.

What is an Internal Gear Hub

chainless bicycle on TVDynamic's bicycles use Shimano's advanced 8-speed internal gear hubs. These are the world’s best performing and most reliable family of internal gearing. Internal gear hubs are planetary gears - much like the transmission on a car - that compress all the gears within the rear axle of the bike to deliver a wide range of gearing in a very compact space.

So unlike chain bikes that have fully exposed (external) sprockets and derailleurs, internal gear hubs are sealed to fully protect the gearing from dirt, debris and damage. This internal gear hub integrates seamlessly with our shaft drive to create incredibly smooth shifting and fast gear changes. Plus, since the Shimano hubs on our bikes are free-wheel, you can backpedal and coast just as you would on any other bike. Shimano’s internal hubs require very little maintenance and are lifetime sealed and lubricated - making them ideal for riding in all kinds of conditions.

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