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Shaft Drive Versus Chain
Technology Comparison Table

Shaft Drive-Hub Bikes vs. Chain-Sprocket-Derailleur Bikes

Features Dynamic Bicycles
Shaft Drive Bikes
Sprocket-Derailleur Bikes
Frame construction Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Gear Components Shimano internal Gear Hubs; Enclosed Shaft Drive Sprockets, Derailleurs, Chains
Gear Changes Single Shifter; Fast and seamless gear changes; shifting independent of pedaling; easy-to-read gear indicator Multiple Shifters; must pedal to change gears; no gear indicator
Maintenance No Scheduled Maintenance on Hub; Periodic Grease added to Shaft Drive - fast and easy
Requires adjustment of derailleurs by trained bike mechanic; periodic chain cleaning, lubrication and tensioning
Durability Hardened cromoly gears, cast aluminum housings, sealed bearings. Allmoving parts fully enclosed to prevents damage and corrosion All moving parts fully exposed and susceptible to damage, misalignment and corrosion
Resilience to Elements Fully internal gearing sealed and protected from rain, salt, dirt, and sand External gearing fully exposed and adversely affected by rain, salt, sand and debris
Ground Clearance
(to drive system parts)
13+ inches to shaft drive
~ 8 inches to derailleur, chain and sprocket
Safety Gears fully enclosed in shaft-drive, nothing to catch on hands or clothing; no more "chain bite" Chain, sprockets and derailleurs can tear and soil clothing and cut hands
Efficiency 90%+ efficient (consistently with minimal maintenance) 75% - 95% efficient (varies depending on condition and upkeep)
Gear Range 8-speed = range of 21 gears of chain bike
7-speed = range of 18 gears of chain bike
21-gear or 24-gear
Noise Low - runs virtually silent Can vary depending on condition of chain and aligment of derailleur
Ease of Handling & Transport Easy - no grease or external components to disturb or damage Dirty and greasy chain; sharp sprocket teeth; delicate components susceptible to damage