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Top 10 Reasons to Go Chainless

chainless bike route1. Smarter Gearing

Dynamic’s Chainless bikes use Shimano’s advanced and highly efficient internal gear hubs. These internal hubs compress all the moving parts into a compact gear hub inside the rear wheel. These hubs eliminate all the overlapping and redundant gears of chain-derailleur systems to give you the gear range you need, but in fewer steps. So shifting is simpler, and more consistent.

2. Less Maintenance

Dynamic Bicycles feature the Sussex shaft drive system, the gold standard in the industry for durability and performance. The fully enclosed shaft drive system keeps the gears and shaft drive protected from the elements as well as from damage. The shaft drive does not require any tune-ups or adjustments. In addition, the Shimano hubs are sealed and lifetime lubricated and don't have a maintenance schedule. This combination of internal hub and shaft drive virtually eliminates tune-ups and repairs required by chain-derailleur bikes.

3. Safe

With our chainless bikes, your riding is worry-free. All moving parts are fully enclosed so it won’t tear clothes, get grease on your hands or clothes, or cause injuries. No more chain-bite. No more chain grease.

4. Very Durable

Unlike chains and derailleurs that are fully exposed, the rugged and fully enclosed construction of the shaft drive and Shimano hub can withstand riding conditions and impacts that would cripple chain bikes.

5. Clean

Because the shaft drive and gears are fully enclosed, there is no grease to end up on your hands and clothes. This makes chainless bicycles more practical and convenient for any type of clothing.

6. Always in the Right Gear

With our chainless bikes, shifting is independent of pedaling, which means that you can change gears at any time - while pedaling, coasting or even at a complete stop. This is much more foregiving than a chain bike, where you have to be pedaling to change gears. Plus, the gear indicator clearly displays what gear you are in at all times; no more looking down at your gears to see where the chain is.

7. Fast Gear Transitions

Our shaft drive bicycles provide a wide range of gearing to tackle a wide variety of terrain. But more importantly, the speed and smoothness of the shifting means fewer gear changes to keep you in an optimal gear on any terrain.

8. Easy to Transport

Because our chainless bicycles have no greasy chain, dangerously sharp sprockets or delicate derailleurs, they are far easier to load on and off vehicles for transport. No more greasy palms, greasy wrists, cuts, scrapes or soiled clothing just trying to load or unload your bicycle on your car, boat or RV.

9. Looks Great

With their sleek, modern design, shaft drives update and streamline the look of the bicycle. Expect to get some questions from curious riders.

10. Smooth and Consistent

Dynamic Bicycles shaft drive bikes eliminate derailleur and chain noises for a smoother, quieter ride. Our bikes are also easy and super smooth to pedal and deliver more consistent results from each pedal turn. With a constant efficiency around 90%, our shaft drive bikes perform more consistently than chain and derailleur bikes that range in efficiency from 75% for poorly tuned systems up to 95% for perfectly tuned single speed setups.