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About Us

Meet the Owners

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Dynamic Bicycles is owned by Patrick Perugini and Devin Kelly. The two share a passion for cycling and a commitment to the shaft drive technology. Which is why they commute to work by bike most days of the week, most of the year. They also ride for fun on weekends with friends and their families. So they understand your needs, interests and challenges as a cyclist. Which is why our bikes are always equipped with high quality brand name components and tuned with great care to make sure your experience on our bikes is just the way it should be - fun, simple and low maintenance. Patrick and Devin are also very involved in product design and quality control, always anxious to hear your ideas or questions, and available to help you select the right bike for your needs.

Experience You Can Count On

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Dynamic Bicycles is the world's largest manufacturer of chainless bicycles. However, in contrast to large brand name bike companies, we offer a more personalized approach to your satisfaction. When you call, we'll always give you whatever time you need to ask questions and compare models. We take pride in having a wider variety of chainless bike models and more experience than any other chainless bike company in the world. But most importantly, we take pride in our customer satisfaction.

Sussex Enterprises, our own factory in Taiwan, is the pioneer in modern shaft drive technology, and has been manufacturing shaft drives for bicycles for nearly twenty years. Together with Sussex, Dynamic Bicycles is helping to continually improve on the shaft drive technology. We use the latest in materials, manufacturing techniques, and assembly standards to ensure the highest quality, most efficient, and longest lasting chainless bikes on the market.

We also ensure your satisfaction from the minute you first ride the bike by fully professionally tuning and inspecting the bikes before we ship to you. So unlike companies that drop ship bikes from a warehouse, our bikes are professionally tuned and configured with your accessories before we ship it to you. So setup is fast, and your first ride is safe, fun and memorable.


Revolutions Ahead

Did you know that 90% of a bicycle's ongoing maintenance time and cost is for chain and derailleur components? Dynamic Bicycles chainless bikes are revolutionizing bicycle riding and bicycle ownership by eliminating the mess, grease and maintenance of chains and derailleurs. For many cyclists, the constant adjustments, cleaning, lubricating and mess of chain-driven bicycles takes away from the pure joy of riding and owning a bike. Most people just want a bike they can jump on and ride worry-free. That’s what chainless bicycles are all about. No more grease. No more mess. No more cuts on fingers or tears in clothes. And no more chain and derailleur maintenance.

Guaranteed to Satisfy

It all starts with the care and pride we put into our bikes. All of our frames are hand-welded and hand-painted, our shaft drives are assembled by hand in our own factory, and the bikes are hand-assembled and individually tested. But we don't stop there. Before we ship your bike to you, we inspect and professionally tune your bike to make sure you have the best possible experience from the minute you receive your bike. We also stand behind our bicycles with one of the most generous warranties in the bicycle industry. This includes a lifetime warranty on the frame and shaft drive system, and one year replacement on every other component. In addition, our bikes are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What does that mean? If after 30 days you are not satisfied, neither are we. We will do whatever possible to make you satisfied. If for some reason you are not satisfied, you tell us how to make it right. That’s our guarantee.