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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: make bicycling more enjoyable for more people. We work toward this goal every day by focusing on keeping our bikes simple to operate and simple to maintain.

Our bicycles combine innovative thinking with Shimano's advanced internally geared hubs and unique components to create cycling solutions that you won't find anywhere else.

Whether you ride for fun, fitness or transportation, there's a Dynamic bicycle that's perfect for your needs.

Commitment to Quality

Dynamic Bicycles prides itself in quality across every aspect of our business - from our products to our sales and customer service. We want your experience with Dynamic Bicycles to exceed your expectations from the first time you call us to the last. As a small company in the bike industry, we rely on you to help us spread the word about our bikes.

Because of the uniqueness of our bikes, we do not mass produce our bikes in factories in China, nor do we cut corners to make our bikes less expensive. Instead, our bicycles are handmade in small batches in specially selected factories in Taichung, Taiwan -- a region recognized around the world for quality bicycle manufacturing. Our specially designed frames are made of high quality 7005 Aluminum for light weight and a stiff feel. These frames are then hand welded, double heat treated and subject to our rigid tolerances and inspection process. Our shaft drives are assembled in our own factory by skilled assemblers using the highest quality parts and materials. The components on our bikes are specifically selected to meet our requirements for safety, comfort and reliability. That's why you see so many brand name components on our bikes such as Shimano, RockShox and RST forks, Alex Rims, Avid and Tektro Brakes, Kenda and Vittoria Tires and Sam Marco and Velo Seats.

Focus on Our Customers

We want every customer to have a very positive experience with us and our bikes. We work hard to meet the commitments we make, take as much time as needed to answer your questions, and make sure you enjoy every ride on your bike. Conversely, if we make a mistake, we will do whatever we can to ensure your satisfaction. Most importantly, we believe in our bikes and we stand behind them with pride. Give us a call and find out for yourself why so many riders are switching to a Dynamic Bicycle.

Bikes That Simplify Your Life

The first thing you’ll notice when you hop on a Dynamic chainless bike is how incredibly smooth the ride is. Our bikes are built from the ground up to perfectly match our shaft drive with Shimano’s advanced internal gearing technology. Next, you’ll notice how easy our bikes are to operate using the convenient and responsive single shifting design. No more fiddling with multiple shifters on both hands. With our chainless bikes, you can shift gears at any time - while pedaling, coasting or even at a complete stop. What could be more convenient? Plus, the easy-to-read gear indicator tells you what gear you are in all the time. No more looking down at the chain to check what gear you’re in. With each turn of the pedal, our bikes will deliver power silently and efficiently to the rear wheel so you can climb steep trails, navigate city streets, tour the countryside, or simply cruise your favorite bike path in style.