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Bicycle Service and Maintenance

Simplified Maintenance

chainless bicycle on TVDid you know that 90% of a bicycle's ongoing maintenance time and cost is for chain and derailleur components? This is why our chainless bikes require 90% less maintenance time and cost than a chain bike. With Shimano's sealed internal gearing and our fully enclosed shaft drive system, all the moving parts are enclosed and protected from the elements. This reduces wear and tear from rain, dirt, sand, etc that inevitably degrade the efficiency of chain systems. In addition, with all the moving parts enclosed, our bikes do not get damaged if the bike falls down or gets knocked. With a chain-derailleur system, even the smallest impact with the derailleurs or chain tensioners can severley impact the shifting.

With this said, we do recommend routine inspections and adjustments on our chainless bike, including:

All of these inspections and adjustments can be done by you without any special tools or knowledge. Here is a link to the page on our website with some How-To Videos to help you with these basic adjustments.

Not comfortable doing adjustments yourself? No problem. A local bike shop can help. The reality is that a bicycle is just a sum of its parts. In other words, regardless of what brand name is on the side of the bike, almost all good quality bicycles use the same brand name components for gearing, rims, tires, brakes, seats etc. And the components we use on our chainless bicycles use these same quality brands such as Shimano gearing, Tektro brakes, Alex rims, Kenda tires, Velo seats and more. Which means that any bike shop can service your chainless bike if it needs a little TLC such as wheel truing, brake adjustment, new tires or tubes, accessories, etc. And of course, you can call us if you want to ask our advice first.