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Target Your Heart

Exercise is the best medicine for reducing the risk of heart disease, helping control diabetes, and helping reach weight loss goals faster. In fact, research suggests that just 30 minutes aerobic exercise per day, five days a week, can help you reach your goals. One traditional way of getting the most from your exercise is by using your heart rate to set and maintain a proper pace. Read the Complete Article.

Bike Paths... Can Demand Outpace Rising Costs?

Bike paths seem the perfect solution to encouraging suburban cycling, helping fight obesity in our youth, and creating opportunities for family recreation. And unused railroad beds seem the perfect plce to build these bike paths. These paths are scenic and quiet, but most importantly they are safe. Not having to compete with cars and trucks for lane space means you can finally share a ride with your kids. Unfortunately, it seems that as the popularity of bike paths has grown, the time and costs to construct these bike paths are growing even faster. In fact, it has become big business for contractors, lawyers, envirnomental groups and state highway departments. So much so that it threatens to derail the proliferation of bike paths before they ever get started. Read the Complete Article.

Spring Forward: Myths and Facts About Daylight Savings

For many cyclists, Daylight Savings is the unofficial start to the riding season. More daylight means more time for riding, especially for commuters who prefer the warmth and safety of natural light. And this year, Daylight Savings started earlier than ever. It's as if someone wants us to spend more time on our bikes. However, truth be told, Daylight Savings was not created for cyclists. But if not for cyclists, where did it begin and why? For some interesting and fun facts about the history and potential future of daylight savings, Read this Complete Article.

Healthy Workers are More Productive

Starting and maintaining an active lifestyle is a passion businesses need to share with their employees. And with good reason: active employees are happier, healthier, and often more productive. A healthy work environment improves productivity, decreases turnover and absenteeism, and reduces health-care costs. Read the Complete Article.

Can Bicycling Save Your Life?

Did you know that just 3 hours of bicycling per week can reduce a person's risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%? Plus, moderate bicycling can burn about 600 calories per hour for a person weighing 150 pounds. A person who is out of shape and weighs more will burn even more calories per hour. Been away from bicycle riding for a while? No problem; your proficiency comes back quickly. Why do you think they say "it's just like riding a bike!" This is one of the reasons there are more bicyclists in the US than skiers, golfers and tennis players combined. For tips on how to make cycling a part of your daily routine, Read the Complete Article.

Hydrate Your Way to Health

Stay healthy the easy way! Water is incredibly healthy for you. It is the 'oil' that lubricates our body. The National Institute of Health (NIH) reports that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to many health issues, but can also be easily avoided. For fast and easy ways to drink more water each day, Read the Complete Article.

Exercise - The Anti-diet Diet

At a time when more than 60% of the U.S. population is considered overweight or obese, shaping up our waistline is not just a personal concern, but a national issue. Diet pills and programs can certainly help short term, but exercise is the real key. Want ideas for adding exercise to your daily routine, Read the Complete Article.

Cycling's Greatest Challenge

According to the Outdoor Industry Association, 87 million Americans ride bicycles. Yet, for many of recreational cyclists, they have to transport their bike on their car to a safe location to ride. This makes it nearly impossible for many families to make cycling a regular activity. To find out what can be done about this, Read the Complete Article.

Keep Bicycling Simple

One of the biggest appeals to bicycling is the simplicity. You get on, pedal and go. So my question is: why are today's advancements in bicycling designed to make them more complicated? The answers might surprise you. Read the Complete Article.

Hill Climbing Techniques: How to Make Mole Hills Out of Mountains

Climbing hills on your bicycle shouldn't be intimidating. And with our chainless bikes, the smoother shifting and well spaced gearing makes climbing those hills faster and with less fatigue. For helpful tips and techniques to power you up the hills, Read this Compelte Article.

Winterizing Your Dynamic Bicycle

Even though Dynamic's chainless system is ideal for tackling ugly weather, you may still be hanging up your riding shoes for the winter. For some quick and easy hints for storing your bike until Spring, Read the Complete Article.